5 Bedroom Décor Trends For Spring/Summer 2016

Much like in fashion, we just don’t feel quite the same come spring/summer months as we do in the winter. Changing your wardrobe is one thing, but what about your living space? Don’t you want it to match your mood and inspire you? Make it part of your spring-cleaning routine, guaranteed your mind and body will thank you!

Here’s what’s ‘in’ when it comes to Bedroom Décor this spring/summer

1. The Indecisive but Funky

This spring, fashion and décor is all about having fun with different styles, colours and textiles. Why not mix a vintage bedside table with modern décor like the bright skull in the picture above. Pastels have a way of being simultaneously old-fashioned and fresh. They always have me feeling both nostalgic and ready to explore the next chapter. Bringing in pastels for spring is nothing we haven’t seen before, but this year we are throwing in fur (we prefer faux) and luxury upholstery. Imperfection is in; don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines!

2. Minimalistic Garden

Less has definitely meant more these past few years, and it’s a trend that does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The principle for this design means keeping clutter and colour to a bare minimum. Explore furniture and fabrics in layered whites and rid yourself of absolutely anything you do not need or use on a daily basis. For basic needs, store using clean shelving and block storage pieces.

Houseplants are all the rage. From palms to cacti and succulents, plants are a great way to liven up a room while still maintaining a neutral feel. Aesthetics aside, plants in your home can be very beneficial to your health and overall wellness. Check out this TreeHugger Article to find out how!

3. Canadian Cottage

Reclaimed wood is in! Cottage vibes in your bedroom make every night feel like a weekend getaway.  There are so many different kinds of wood to choose from so you are sure to find something that fits your personal preference. Similar to brick walls that have been rapidly gaining popularity over these past few years, you may consider wood walls. Bring the outdoors in - might seem a little unconventional now, but hey who thought bricks indoors would ever get so big!

For pillows and throws, try out some knits and quilts. Faux furs and animal prints are a great way to get that Canadian outdoorsy feel without the cruelty! The wood-carved moose heads on the wall in the image above are also ideal in achieving this look. Your bedroom doesn’t have to be a bore, have fun with it… go “wild”!

4. Yellow is The New Gold

Spring is all about playing with colour, but for some, that’s a difficult task. I personally tend to stray away from anything that isn’t a shade; black, grey and whites are what I live by. Well, up until this spring that is.

We all know the benefits that a good gold accessory can have on an outfit - the same can apply to your room! A rich mustard yellow, or any shade you desire is sure to do the trick. It will add a pop of colour, richness and lighten your mood all in one. The image above is a great example of how you can add accents of colour while still maintaining a look of luxury.

5. Boho-Chic

Last, but certainly not least, this Spring/Summer we have the Boho-Chic look . It’s time to take risks with colours and textiles. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Although mixing pink, blue and purple might not seem conventional, it makes for some really inspiring bedroom décor.

Bohemian style has a deep history that dates back over 200 years. It is also known as “hippie” style and represents a colourful counterculture based on creativity and liberation.

When creating this look, here a some elements that you could apply:

  •        Flowy, natural fabrics
  •        Contrasting colours and prints (don’t be afraid to mix them up)
  •        Persian, Indian, Turkish and Chinese patterns and fabrics
  •        Lots of layering
  •        Beads and unmatched jewels/accessories
  •        Flowers, flowers, flowers!

For a more detailed look into Boho-Chic and where it originated check out this detailed article from Bellatory.com!

Hope these Spring/Summer bedroom design ideas inspired you to level up on your Spring cleaning routine. These are just a few options, the possibilities are endless and the more you it is the better you will feel!